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The Pit, Authentic BBQ now finally has it’s delicious and famous sauces bottled and for sale!

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I had the pleasure of working on the CD Design for an incredible group filled with some of the most talented musicians on the planet. And I’m a musician, so that cannot be taken lightly. Scott Sawyer’s Go There with Kenny Soule (Dag, Nantucket), Oteil Burbridge (The Allman Brothers) and Kofi Burbridge (The Derek Trucks Band) was a project that I was asked to illustrate and design the layout for the CD packaging. After several iterations and discussing with Scott his love for classic 70’s funk / rock / jazz albums, we agreed that this was the best path. A great project that I’m very proud of.

Live, Work, Play Ads

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Empire Eats Double Page Ad in Cary Magazine

In Marketing on August 14, 2010 at 1:02 pm

Charged with coming up with a double page spread to encourage people in Cary to come to Empire Eats restaurants and in the process experience the liveliness of downtown Raleigh. Taking advantage of local photographer Jay Winfrey’s great shot of a group of friends having a night on the town, I thought it would be a great catalyst to tell a story of what happens often at Empire restaurants: People having a fun lively experience, eating delicious food in historic downtown Raleigh, with photos marking the occasion.

The birth of a band poster.

In Marketing on August 12, 2010 at 3:27 pm

I have had the pleasure of producing a poster and t-shirt for the popular Americana band, Kickin Grass. They asked me to come up with a new twist of the bands identity that had a homegrown feel, but still hip and a bit urban. It took a ton of sketching and time to figure out the right avenue I wanted to go, but my inclination with something that had movement, an organic feel, yet could be used as an authentic identity as well. For some reason, a bird in flight kept creeping back in my head, so I got out my pen brush and some india ink and just started to have fun. The end result was an image of an iconic bird (and two others giving the feel of a troupe) taking off that had the initials of the band written on its chest, moving towards the sun. The band was excited and so was I with the results…

CueGrass 2010

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I had the pleasure of working on…..


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I like to collect things.

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Duck Feed

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