Please visit my Marketing archive at the bottom of the front page of this site for more samples!

The late great Mary Blair was an influence when designing these Promo Gift Cards for Jill’s Beach and The Nail God. It was a lot of fun to custom design and illustrate these for Jill & Co.!

The North Carolina ‘Cuegrass Festival celebrates another year.

10 Year Anniversary Poster for popular American Roots Music group, The Kickin Grass Band.

New Years Eve Showcase poster for The Morning After

Here’s a pretty fun project that I worked on for Empire Eats Restaurant Group. I was asked to come up with 8 ads that showcased three of their restaurants within the context of the musicals that NC Theatre was presenting in their 2010 schedule. I was in charge of conceptualizing the ads, directing the photoshoots (and in some cases, taking the shots myself!), and designing them from scratch within about a weeks time. A nice and rewarding challenge.

Marketing Package for SC Data.

The Raleigh Times Bar celebrated the election with the usual: Good times, Good Beer.

An advertisement for the Southern Bride and Groom Magazine

The Pit’s ‘Cuegrass Festival

Jill’s Beach Marketing Material

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