The first blade sign in downtown Raleigh’s Fayetteville Street in years, this sign was designed for North State Bank while working at Empire Properties to reflect the look of the past, while still having a contemporary feel.

This directory signage was created in downtown Raleigh for the African-American Odd Fellows building while working for Empire Properties. The challenge: How do you place a large and potentially obnoxious rectangle on a beautiful historic building’s outer wall just to let people know what businesses are inside? The answer was clear, so to speak. Acrylic, specifically.  By using a clear panel to contain the information needed, the building was not impacted by covering a large portion of it with aluminum or wood. Combining this with a strong black metal frame and a clean font created an interesting visual twist, without taking away from the building.

This concept was continued with a smaller sign next to the entrance of the building.

The next two images are of the directory sign on the inside of The Historic African-American Odd Fellows building to help visitors find their way through the building.

Although I was not involved in having this sign produced, I wanted to capture the logo I had created, in application.

While working at Empire, I was asked to liven up the directory piece for the Odd Fellows building on Hargett and Salisbury St. What originally was a series of simple black strips with knocked-out letters, is now 5 larger column strips that also contain a 1950’s postcard illustration at the bottom to add to its aesthetic.

With my last project at Empire, I collaborated with the team to produce the design for the lighted sign outside of Gravy, Italian-American Kitchen in downtown Raleigh.

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